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FEDORA 12 (ppc) on Playstation 3

The latest Fedora release that is compatible/installable on the Playstation 3 is Fedora 12 (ppc). There are several good reasons to choose Fedora 12 as your PS3 Linux distro. For one thing, the online software repositories are still up (archived) and accessible. Obviously they are no longer receiving updates, but the volume/variety of applications they provide is impressive. This also includes the RPM Fusion repos. Furthermore, the programming tools and libraries for the PS3's Cell architecture were developed by Sony/IBM to install and run on RPM based distributions (such as Fedora or RHEL) and I have personally confirmed that these tools do install and function properly in Fedora 12 with minimal issues/complications.

Fedora 12 (ppc) Install ISOs

My Playstation 3 Fedora Youtube Videos

  • Playstation 3 Fedora Server Install (OtherOS) Diskless
    Video of me installing Fedora 12 (ppc) on my Playstation 3 over the network using an NFS share (instead of physical media)
    Especially useful for PS3s with a broken Bluray drive or if you just want to reduce wear and tear on your PS3's precious hardware
  • Four Servers I Run on my Playstation 3 (in Linux)
    Showcasing some of the services my Playstation 3 provides on my home network (including http, which is available to all).
    Servers I've learned how to set up, configure, and troubleshoot on my PS3 include SSH, NFS, VNC, and HTTP (all using enterprise-grade software, like Apache).

Some Scripts I Wrote for Fedora 12 (post-install)

  • ps3-goodrepos.tar.bz2
    Script to configure yum repos and run update after fresh Fedora 12 installation on Playstatiion 3
    NOTE: Make sure your network is configured and working before running this script, otherwise yum won't be able to download updates
  • ps3-cellsdk-install.tar.bz2
    FOR DEVELOPERS: Script to configure yum to access the Cell SDK repos (hosted by me here), then to install a fair bit of the packages available from the SDK
    NOTE: You will probably want to install your normal Fedora development packages before running this script - sudo yum groupinstall "Development Tools" "Development Libraries"